Glasgow Continental

Data Protection Statement

We are currently revising our data protection policy to comply with recent changes to legislation and further changes that will take place following Britain’s exit from the EU.

You can get more information by speaking to a member of the team.

Our procedures comply with the law and good practice guidelines and include the following:

  • Only collecting the personal data that we need to run Glasgow Continental safely
  • Storing personal data securely
  • Not sharing personal data with third parties
  • Sharing personal data with other organisations where a person’s behaviour has given cause for concern, in order to safeguard children and vulnerable adults
  • Asking people if they wish to ‘opt in’ to receiving communications such as newsletters
  • Not keeping personal data longer than we need it*
  • Allowing people to request to see what personal data we have about them
  • Allowing people to request that we remove their personal data*
  • Securely disposing of personal data we no longer require
  • Retaining personal data for people whose behaviour has given cause for concern in order to fulfil our responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults (* even if they have requested that we delete it or we would normally have disposed of it)
  • Reporting any data loss promptly to the appropriate authority